Why Use an Interim Leader?

  • Because sometimes it disserves the organization to leave a key management position vacant:
  • Sometimes it's possible to develop an in-house candidate for advancement before the vacancy occurs. But, sometimes there isn't any in-house candidate available.
  • Sometimes it won't do the organization any harm to leave a position vacant for a while. But, sometimes quality patient care depends upon, regulatory bodies expect, and the financial health of the organization requires that key management positions be filled with competent individuals.
  • Sometimes the search for the next regular permanent manager can be concluded quickly. But, sometimes the search can drag on for several months and even longer.
  • Sometimes someone on staff can cover the vacancy. But, sometimes no one on staff has the knowledge-base or time to take on additional duties.
  • Sometimes money can be saved by leaving the position vacant. But, sometimes the lack of a capable manager costs more than it saves.
  • Sometimes things are going so well that the operation can just coast until the regular permanent candidate is hired. But, sometimes problems need to be fixed, opportunities need to be realized, before the regular permanent candidate is hired.
  • Sometimes patients and physicians are understanding about why things aren't running smoothly. But, sometimes patients and physicians just want things to run smoothly regardless.