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Kylie A Boyer
Nielsen Healthcare Group Scholar
NHG Provides Educational Assistance to Working Mom

When a friend told her about it, Kylie Boyer jumped at the chance to apply for a college scholarship from Nielsen Healthcare Group.

"It's not easy for people who are in my socioeconomic level to get assistance," says Kylie. She and her husband both work for Pinnacle Health, a three-hospital system in Harrisburg, PA. Kylie is a medical assistant in the Heart Failure Center, and her husband is a paramedic.

But Kylie, 35, of Lykens, PA, is also working toward an associate's degree in nursing at her local community college.

The scholarship which Nielsen has provided for Kylie's post-secondary education is "huge" for her. It means she and her family don't have to pinch pennies, and she is able to do more things with her two active kids, ages 14 and 8, even while going to school.

Going to school also offers Kylie and her husband the opportunity to show their kids that sacrifice and hard work can pay off, and that higher education can lead to a better life.

"I hope that they see how hard I work to get good grades," she says.

Advancing in the healthcare field made complete sense to Kylie. "Even with the economy bad, they always need workers," she says.

Kylie's right, says Nielsen CEO Bruce Nielsen.

"We designed the scholarship to help those clients’ employees with an interest in moving into better-paying clinical and non-clinical positions," he says. "Our clients appreciate the opportunity to develop their staff and to build loyalty among their workers."

The Nielsen Healthcare Group Scholarship Program awards scholarships to employees of recent clients (those served within the past two years) who want to progress beyond entry-level positions requiring post-secondary certification or an associate's degree.

The scholarships provide money for tuition and fees over a period of up to four years.

Kylie plans to continue in school to get a bachelor's and then a master's degree in nursing. Her ultimate goal is to become a nurse practitioner, remain at Pinnacle Health, and finance her children's education.

Nielsen has awarded 53 scholarships over the years as part of our commitment to giving back.