FAQ for interim candidates


Do I pay a fee or other charges to Nielsen Healthcare Group (NHG) to become an interim candidate or take an engagement?
No. You will not pay a fee to NHG or any of our client organizations where you accept an engagement.

Am I required to be presented for an engagement NHG has contacted me about?
No, we contact you about opportunities we think might be a good fit for you but you decide whether you are interested.

Since I am not told the exact location or hospital named in advance, if I do not choose to take a position that I have been presented for, will I be penalized?
No. You are not under contract with NHG, and the decision to accept a job is yours to make..

If I decline to be presented for an engagement I have been contacted about, is there a penalty to me?
No. As long as you reply to our inquiries (by phone or e-mail) you remain on our active candidate list.

What is the length of the typical engagement?
The typical engagement is about four to six months. However, once you accept an offer from our client, we ask you to commit to remaining until the client's need is fulfilled or at least six months if needed that long.

What if I am engaged for term of less than six months and I am still needed at the end of that term?
We ask all candidates to remain until the client no longer needs your services or at least six months if needed that long regardless of initial term agreed to.

How frequently will there be work for me?
That is difficult to say. We place interim leaders at all levels of management from the C-suite to unit management and across all functional areas in healthcare organizations. Talk to an NHG recruiter to learn about opportunities in your specialty.

How much can I expect to earn?
That will, of course, depend on your field and current supply and demand factors. Interim Leaders tend to earn more than the going rate for the regular/permanent leaders in these positions. You probably have an idea of what you think your services are worth and if that is in line with what our client is willing to pay we will communicate your requirements when we present your credentials. In the end, the pay rate you earn will be that which you and the organization that hires you agree on.

Where will I stay and who pays for housing?
This can vary by client organization and is negotiable, but for most engagements, a small furnished apartment or extended stay hotel suite is provided. Some organizations treat this as taxable income and others as reimbursable business expense.

Who pays for transportation costs?
Again, this can vary by client organization and is negotiable. For most engagements, the client organization will pay airfare to and from the engagement and for periodic trips home during the engagement. The frequency of trips home is variable and negotiable but twice a month is most typical.

Do I receive reimbursement for meals or a per diem while on an engagement?
Most clients do not pay a per diem or reimburse for meals. The thinking is that this is not an additional expense over what would be spent at home. That is why we suggest to clients that they provide a furnished apartment or other facility with a kitchen.

Will I be paid by NHG or the facility where I am working?
You will be a temporary employee or independent contractor of the client facility.

Will I receive an employee type of benefits package such as healthcare insurance, retirement plan contribution, and paid time off, etc?
No. You will most likely be in a temporary, non-benefited employee status or will be paid as an independent contractor out of accounts payable and sent a 1099 at year end.

How often will I be paid?
This varies by client organization but most pay bi-weekly.

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